During menopause, nothing is safe! Like seemingly every other part of your body, menopause can do a number on your beautiful locks as well.

Your formerly lush, thick mane of beauty can begin to thin. The texture of your hair can instantly go from oily to desert dry, necessitating a change in shampoo and the need for a full-on moisturizing conditioner.

You may see some bald spots start to form where you usually part your hair, or if you wear it in a ponytail, you'll see thinning at the edge of your scalp. It’s a truly magical time!

We’re obviously kidding, as these unwanted occurrences can prove to be super annoying because women are extremely attached to their hair. They see it as their "crowning beauty" and get terribly upset at seeing yet another hormonal change wreaking havoc on their bodies.

On a happier note, you don't need to despair and start wig and hat shopping just yet. Luckily, there are some amazing nutrients that can help boost your hair back to its natural thick, shiny state and restore your smile once again! What amazing supplements are we referring to?

Let’s find out!

Red Clover

Red clover, usually found in extract form, comes from the aptly named red clover plant. It's an herb that has a long history of treating pesky things like eczema. It can also help you reduce your menopause-induced hair loss.

The compound makes your hair follicles stronger, thus your hair is less likely to fall out.

Plus, it can even restore the health of any hair follicles that are close to giving up and calling it quits. When feeling defeated, choose red clover for the win!


Biotin helps your body by converting nutrients into a useable form of energy, providing you with a little added boost (something that all women struggling through menopause can use), as well as making your hair and nails grow longer and stronger. Biotin, anyone?

We say, “Yes, please!”

Amino Acids

Did you know that amino acids, which play a major part in boosting your overall health, also effect your hair? Keratin, the compound that your strands of hair are made of, is made by the hair follicles in your scalp. By including more amino acids in your diet, you can make your hair healthier (and even more beautiful) before it even emerges from the follicle.

Sounds fabulous, now doesn’t it?

Some food suggestions that contain plenty of amino acids include quinoa, fish, seeds, whole grains, and poultry, like chicken or turkey. So, stock up on those amino acids for fuller, healthier hair!

Vitamin C

Is there anything Vitamin C can’t do?

Not only is vitamin C an essential part of every woman's daily diet (think healthy greens, like kale and spinach, as well as plenty of fresh fruits, like berries), but it has hair restoring powers as well.

Whether you’re taking a specially formulated vitamin that contains vitamin C or simply add it to your diet by eating plenty of whole foods, Vitamin C can make your hair follicles produce more hair, faster. Vitamin C is always a win-win!

Ready to restore beauty, luster, and health to your hair, even during menopause? It’s time to take action and hit the supplement aisle! Because menopause doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your life…or your hair!