As a woman, you're probably familiar with the “oh-so-amazing” magic of collagen, at least on a cosmetic level.

Do those Hollywood celebrities who all of a sudden have high cheekbones and perfectly plump lips instantly spring to mind? Of course!

Because those stars received injections of a cosmetic filler designed to replace the collagen that they’ve inevitably lost through the aging process.

But that’s not the collagen we're talking about! We’re talking about the type of collagen that you ingest, and here’s a little secret: it's good for you! Did you know that collagen can help boost your health as you go through menopause? That’s right! It can be a lifesaver during those blissful menopausal moments. So, how does it work? And why do you need it? Not to worry – we’re here to give you the 411 on collagen and all of its perks!

First, What Is Collagen?

Let's start at the beginning by defining what collagen is and what it does. Here’s a little science for you - collagen is a structural protein that your body naturally makes. It makes up your connective tissues and helps your body systems work more efficiently.

But as you age, your body naturally makes less collagen (ugh!). This is evident when you look at your face in the mirror, but thankfully, not as obvious throughout the rest of your body, which could benefit from some collagen supplements as well.

What Can Collagen Supplements Do for You?

Ok, let’s talk collagen and menopause! Taking collagen supplements can definitely boost your health during menopause. How, you ask?

Well, here are just a few reasons why you should add collagen to your daily routine:

Improves Your Bone Health

As you get older, unfortunately, your bones grow a bit weaker.

Many women end up getting diagnosed with osteoporosis as the hormonal fluctuations of menopause leech the calcium from their bones.

However, taking supplements that contain both calcium and collagen can prevent this natural, but unwanted, process from happening.

Helps Your Cardiovascular System

Obviously, the arteries that carry blood throughout your body are vitally important. So, you want them to remain strong and healthy.

Enter collagen!

This magical little helper actually helps your arteries retain their structure, so they don't become weak and overly pliable.

With that said, this amazing protein can actually help prevent heart disease from either taking hold or progressing.

Youthful Skin

Yes, cartilage plays an important role in your skin health. It prevents some of the signs of aging, such as sagging or the loss of elasticity.

Think about it - how quickly does your skin bounce back when it's slightly pulled away from your bones? The number of seconds that it takes depends on your age – and how much collagen you have supporting your skin.

So, if you want a younger, clearer, smoother face and body, simply add collagen to your diet and enjoy the benefits of youthful skin again!

Prevents Joint Pain

It’s no secret that our cartilage breaks down over time. Not only do things like overuse do a number on cartilage all over our bodies but so does aging in general.

So, by the time you reach the joyous years of menopause, your knees will more than likely be howling at you on a regular basis.

But there’s a simple and effective solution right at your fingertips! Taking a collagen supplement can help restore your cartilage, making it stronger and reducing your joint pain. It’s a total win-win!

Selecting the Perfect Collagen Supplement

Now that you understand the importance of collagen (especially during these menopausal years), the question then is: what collagen do I choose?

This same question has bugged us for years, and to be honest, to date we still haven't found a collagen supplement good enough to recommend.

So we made our own!


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Just a simple serving of 2 scoops everyday is enough to:

  • Help tighten your skin, making it softer, firmer and younger looking
  • Help strengthen your hair, making it thicker and more luscious
  • Help reduce joint pain and swelling, so you can start to feel as young as you look

Best of all, we made it unflavored, so it'll become the easiest addition to your daily routine - simply mix it to your daily cup of tea, coffee or any other beverage, or sprinkle it onto your meals for an easy, convenient way to get all your daily collagen needs.

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