It happens all the time these days. Your spouse gives you that sultry “come hither” look. The kids are out for the night, spending some time with friends, leaving the house empty.

He wants you to follow him into the bedroom for a night of romance, kinky fun, or quick sex.

No matter what’s “on the menu,” the real problem is that you just aren't in the mood.

You feel bloated, have a headache, and the last time you had sex it was pretty painful. Why? Because of that blissful thing we call menopause, of course.

It's zapped your libido, leaving your husband alone in the bedroom once again. It’s no secret that if this dreadful cycle continues, your marriage is going to need a lifeline, and fast! So, what do you do?

Sometimes, during menopause, your sex drive just needs a quick jumpstart. So, here are five ways to “start those engines” again, ladies!

Make Sex Less Painful

Yep, we’re going to go there! The number one reason why women don't enjoy sex during menopause is because of vaginal dryness.

The same hormones that go to work during your child-bearing years are also responsible for making sure that sex is fun. When those level drops, you may feel as though sex has become painful because things are desert dry down there.

In addition, your vaginal walls become less pliant and flexible, adding to the pain.

Lube and vaginal moisturizers can take care of these problems, making it less painful for you and more pleasurable for him!

Enjoy Some Foreplay

Sex doesn't have to be “wham, bam, thank you, ma’am.”

Your days of spending a “fast-but-fabulous” five minutes in the bedroom may be over. But not to worry! Instead, take your time and enjoy a little side of foreplay first.

The more time that your spouse spends getting you ready for sex, the less painful it will be because your body will have time to warm up.

Plus, you get to enjoy your time together, uninterrupted, during the process. Who said romance is dead? You simply have to put in a little more time to get to Pleasureville!

Get A Little Experimental

Even during menopause, sometimes, you just need to have a bit of fun between the sheets. Rather than stick with the same old positions over and over, get inspired, creative, and even kinky (if you’re up for it)!

Watch some porn, read a few of those steamy romance novels you have stashed away in your bedroom, or bust into your spouse's secret magazine collection.

You might find a position that makes sex less painful, or discover that trying a few new kinky things kicks your libido into overdrive. Oh my!

Explore Ways to Get in the Mood

Let’s be honest - stress is one of the biggest mood killers out there. Then, when you add in some of the typical menopause symptoms, like bloating, hot flashes, and mood swings, it makes sense that you're stressed out about the changes to your body and your sex life.

It’s ok, but don’t let these feelings control your sex life. Do whatever you need to in order to get in the mood, whether it's planning sexy time with your significant other, engaging in some naughty foreplay, or attempting a little role play.

Nothing’s off limits!

Combat Those Hormones Head-On

During menopause, your reproductive hormones drop.

Hormones like estrogen play a huge role not just in having children but also in enjoying sex.

Your doctor may prescribe you with some synthetic hormones to help balance your hormone levels.

But if those hormones sound scary and you want a more natural solution, then choosing a menopause tea filled with all-natural herbs designed to combat menopause symptoms, could give your sex drive the much-needed boost to bring the magic back into the bedroom.

You could try our Menopause Support Tea to helps re-balance your hormones, curb those unwanted side effects, and restore your libido this Valentine's Day...

Or our MenoSlim tea which also helps re-balance your hormones, and helps you lose weight so you can feel more confident and sexy in your own skin!