Don't Let Menopause Be the Wrecking Ball in Your Marriage: Here’s What You Can Do to Save What Matters Most

Sadly, even some of the most solid marriages don't survive the wrecking ball of menopause.

If you and your spouse are fighting more, whether it's because they don't understand your mood swings or your lack of a sex drive has driven a wedge between you, you aren't alone.

Women all over the world are going through the same stress and frustration that you feel like you’re drowning in right now, so don’t panic just yet!

Now for some good news – you don't have to let menopause be the final “curtain call” on your marriage.

There are plenty of things that you can do to save it, even when you're dealing with hot flashes, unwanted weight gain, and feeling like you'll never again be the person that you once were. You'll both need to put in a bit of work, but it can be done.

So, how can you keep your marriage afloat in the emotional-laden sea of menopause? Let’s deep dive into some of your options.

Why Does Menopause End Marriages?

There’s no nice way to put it. Menopause makes you become a different person, and your spouse often isn’t sure how to handle it. Many men don't know what to do when their wives are no longer interested in sex, cry every morning because their looks have changed, and have crazy mood swings that go from one extreme to another.

Rather than ask what they can do to help, many spouses run in the opposite direction (and who can blame them?), spending time away from home, and just shutting down instead of trying to understand what their wife is going through.

Mid-Life Crises Play a Role

Not only does menopause hit in the mid-40s and into the 50s, but do so mid-life crises. So, it’s a double whammy – and not in a good way!

Both spouses might be dealing with that mid-life period where they look at their lives and wonder if this is it. They have the nice house, the cars, the kids, and the vacation funds, yet they're still unhappy because they expected life to turn out differently.

This relentless questioning of everything, combined with the many physical and mental changes that menopause brings, tends to bring marriages to the tipping point.

Exploring Solutions Hand in Hand

It takes two to tango – so dance around some solutions with your spouse! If you both want your marriage to survive, then you'll have to work together in order to find a solution that works for both you.

Obviously, some understanding on the part of your spouse is necessary. The more that they know about menopause, the better equipped they are to deal with all of those changes in a reasonable manner.

In addition, there are several things that you can do (either alone or together) in order to make the menopause journey go more smoothly. Our “tried and true” suggestions include:


Talking helps you get through the tough times! Another solution is something that you and your spouse can take on together. Going to couples’ therapy can help you work out any menopause-induced issues in your marriage, making your relationship stronger than ever!


If your depression and anxiety are at their worst, then seeing a psychiatrist and treating your symptoms with medication can help.

Additionally, hormone replacement therapy may be an option if your declining estrogen levels are sending you to CrazyTown without warning.

Herbal remedies

All-natural is the way to go! There are many different herbal remedies available that can naturally reduce or even eliminate menopause symptoms.

Sipping on a savory cup of menopause support tea or taking other organic supplements that contain these fabulous herbs and minerals can make you feel like a new you!

So, press pause on that wrecking ball! Menopause doesn't have to wreak havoc on your marriage if you don’t allow it. You’re in the driver’s seat, so back that crane up!

With some simple communication and counseling, the two of you can get through this crazy time together. After all, love (and a load of patience) is all you really need, right?