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Shrinking Your Menobelly: 4 Unexpected Everyday Food Culprits That Contribute to Menobelly

Ever thought you could script a horror movie about the “oh-so-gruesome” symptoms of menopause?

Trust us, we’ve thought about it too! You feel like an alien in your own body, and you don’t like any of the things you’re discovering.

Where are those “happy pills” again?

But wait! Before you reach for those (and turn on the fan!), what you probably don’t know is that all of those dreadful symptoms - from night sweats and hair loss to mood swings and waning libido - can all be triggered by your “less-than-fabulous” menobelly.

But, let’s be honest, as women, we can navigate our way through almost any situation – and menopause is no exception! Unfortunately, elimination is the key to getting through menopause without developing a menobelly.

So, let’s cut to the chase – the “NOT-so-fun” reality is that we have to cut some foods from our daily menus to side-step that dreaded menobelly - also un-affectionately called the menopot.

But never fear! With all the delicious options available, you will easily be able to evade a few high-calorie culprits that plague women’s mid-sections for pleasure and keep the trim figure you so desire.

So, what tasty temptresses must we slay from our plates? Let’s take a look!

Sugar Isn’t So Sweet

Listen, we all love sugar! In fact, who hasn’t met a pint of ice cream they couldn’t demolish in a single episode of House Hunters? However, sugar is a pretty insidious opponent. And as we enter menopause, our bodies begin to process sugar differently, and we simply can’t metabolize it like we used to.

Eating a few sweet treats every now and again isn’t a big deal – so, enjoy that heavenly slice of wedding cake or indulge in that ice cream sundae with your grandchildren. However, eating a ton of sugar every day is a big “no-no.”

Sugar is like little specks of glitter after a day of crafting – it’s hidden EVERYWHERE! It’s in salad dressing, bread, alcohol, frozen meals, cereal, and even deli meats! Simple swap your sugary snacks for some healthy alternatives and watch your menobelly pooch melt away!

Take Out the Take-Out

We’ve all been there – you’re sitting on your couch, staring at your kitchen like it’s done something wrong. You don’t want to get up and actually cook something, but you need to eat.

And so, the stand-off begins! But instead of opting for a piece of string cheese and some whole wheat crackers, you decide to order some “not-so-healthy” but “oh-so-convenient” takeout.

But wait - Not so fast!

That enticing cobb salad you’re eying most likely has more sugar, fat, and calories than you can imagine.

In fact, the salads at most restaurants are the unhealthiest things on the menu! Crazy, right? Just when you thought you had it all figured out.

Take-out food is loaded with sugar and empty calories that prove delish, addicting, and a big contributor to the menobelly!

So, save your tip money, roll of the couch, and make your own delicious salad filled with organic veggies and low-cal dressing. Trust us, your mid-section will thank you!

Greek Yogurt Check

Greek yogurt is super healthy for you, right? Wroooong!

Did you know that only certain yogurts are actually healthy for you? Many flavored yogurts have hidden sugars comparable to that of sodas!

Clearly, you wouldn’t start your day with a soda, so don’t start it with a flavored Greek yogurt either!

But not to worry!

There are some Greek yogurts out there that won’t contribute to your menobelly, so just take an extra second to read the label and make a healthy choice!

So Long, Smoothies!

You just finished your workout, so you earned a healthy smoothie, right? Unfortunately, no!

Just because smoothies are sold at the gym doesn’t mean they’re necessarily healthy.

Smoothies are often packed with sugar and artificial additives because they contain flavored yogurts, ice cream, syrups, and sometimes even chocolate. Oh, the yummy chocolate!

But stay focused! Simply make your own smoothies, so you can control the wholesome goodies that are blended into your delectable treat!



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