3 Simple Exercises For Women Over 45 To Flatten The Belly

Tips provided by Celebrity Personal Trainer and Integrative Health Coach, Linzi Martinez

Linzi has been featured on:

1. Lunges, every second day, helps burn a layer of fat off not just the midsection, but the entire body.

2. On the other days, pulse 3 sets of “Northern Booty” to help tone and lift the booty area.

3. Then finish with a burst of Squats to activate the metabolism and keep burning fat long after the exercise is done.

So putting it all together…

Here’s what a typical week would look like:

Northern Booty + Squats
Northern Booty + Squats
Northern Booty + Squats

Why Do These Simple Exercises Work So Well?

You’ve probably noticed how completely different the exercises Linzi suggested are.

They’re not the typical jogging, swimming or ab crunches that everyone else talks about.

And there’s a very specific reason why…

Because of menopause, our bodies have changed!

What used to work in our 20s or 30s simply doesn’t work any more.

So we need to change the type of exercises we do.

The reason why lunges, “northern booty” and squats work so well for menopausal women is because they activate the biggest muscles in body.

This gives us the most “bang for our buck”.

Because when we increase the muscle density of the biggest muscles, we significantly increase our body’s metabolism…

And turn the body into an ongoing furnace…

Shedding fat not just around the midsection, but over the entire body.

Although these exercises are highly effective in their own right…

At VoomVaya, one of the most common questions we get asked time and time again is…

But Instead Of Just Tips, Are You Looking For A Natural Way To Achieve Longer Lasting, Real Weight Loss Results?

At VoomVaya, we believe in supporting the body with organic, nature-powered ingredients to solve the root cause of menopausal weight gain. Too many other products and solutions just focus on the short term band-aid treatments which either don’t work, or if they do, work for a short while before things “yo-yo” back.  

So what is the root cause of menopausal weight gain?

Well, as you know, during menopause our body stops producing as much of the estrogen hormone. This drop is estrogen levels causes all the usual menopause symptoms we feel, from the hot flashes and night sweats to the anxiety and mood swings…  

And as it turns out, this drop in estrogen levels also causes weight gain!

But it’s not just weight gain…

According to Harvard University, it also causes many women’s bodies to start collecting extra weight around the middle! This is why we see most weight gain around the belly and thighs!

Most common weight loss solution (diets, workouts, fancy gadgets) do NOT take the low estrogen levels during menopause into account.

And that’s why so many women tell us despite how hard they exercise, or how many calories they cut, they continue to gain weight no matter what they do.

So it’s clear, the only way to produce real, long-lasting results is to first supplement the body with the lost estrogen and solve the root cause of the menopausal weight gain.

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About Linzi Martinez

Linzi Martinez is an integrative National health coach and a celebrity personal trainer. Her innovative exercise routines and delicious nutritional recipes have changed the lives of women all over America.

Linzi has been featured and seen on ESPN, NBC, CBS, ABC, The Discovery Channel, Apple TV, FOX and more.

As a 54 years old, menopausal woman herself, Linzi has defied what society expects of middle aged women, and has become an ambassador and inspiration for women all over the world.

At VoomVaya, we are proud of what Linzi has achieved, and excited for our collaboration together.

About VoomVaya

For a condition that strikes half the world’s population and affects every single woman in her life, it’s both shocking and unacceptable how little is done for menopause.

Why is puberty, pregnancy, childbirth - literally every other major milestone in a woman’s life - celebrated, with plenty of information and support networks…

Yet menopause remains taboo?

For too long, we menopausal women have been underserved, dismissed and made to feel ashamed of a natural transition in our body…

This has to change!

And this is why VoomVaya was born.

By offering a range of nature-powered teas and supplements designed specifically for menopausal women, VoomVaya aims to give women an effective, natural alternative.

Every VoomVaya product contains clinically studied ingredients to help restore hormonal harmony and supplement the body’s own healing, instead of overwhelming it with chemicals and drugs, riddled with side effects.

And as you reclaim your sanity and start feeling like yourself again, remember: menopause is not the end, but simply the start of your next chapter!

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