4 Tips To LOOK Slimmer & Taller In Seconds

By Mrs Texas USA Ambassador 2022 and your VoomVaya Confidence Coach, Tara Hooper

Through years of experience with beauty pageants, I learned a few simple tricks that beauty queens use to look taller and slimmer – and the good news is that these tricks work for any body shape.

The easiest way is by showcasing at least 3 of your ‘style skinny bits’.

Showcasing these skinny bits can make a 10 to 20 pounds difference in appearance and best of all, these optical illusions won’t cost you a thing!

But what are ‘style skinny bits’?

We have 4 primary areas that we consider ‘style skinny bits’, so here’s how to accentuate them to effortlessly look your very best…

1. From your earlobe to your décolletage

One of the best ways to look taller and slimmer is by simply adding a v-neck, scoop neck or a necklace if you’re wearing a high neck top.

You want to have a focal point in your chest area.

It’s going to draw the eye in and up, making you look taller and slimmer.

2. From your elbows to your wrist

My all-time favorite - showing off your elbow into your wrist.

This will immediately make you look taller and slimmer in seconds. It creates the illusion of a waist, brings the eye in and gives you a stronger silhouette.

It will also show your inner waist and look 10 pounds slimmer – one of the greatest optical illusions.

3. Your waist

Make sure that the silhouette of your waist is showing.

With a great pair of high rise jeans, a cool belt, a blouse that is cut in or a small detail on your shirt that draws the eye in on your waist makes a huge difference.

Don’t wear something that’s so oversized that it gets rid of your waist completely.

4. From your knees to your ankles

You really want to have a nice taper, either with a pair of skinny pants or straight leg - something that showcases that you have a nice, slim calf and ankle.

The goal is to showcase 3 of those 4 areas so that you can look taller and slimmer with virtually no effort.

But Instead Of Just Looking Slimmer, How About A Natural Way To Flatten The Menopause Belly And BEING Slimmer?

But Instead Of Just Tips, Are You Looking For A Natural Way To Achieve Longer Lasting, Real Weight Loss Results?

At VoomVaya, we believe in supporting the body with organic, nature-powered ingredients to solve the root cause of menopausal weight gain. Too many other products and solutions just focus on the short term band-aid treatments which either don’t work, or if they do, work for a short while before things “yo-yo” back.  

So what is the root cause of menopausal weight gain?

Well, as you know, during menopause our body stops producing as much of the estrogen hormone. This drop is estrogen levels causes all the usual menopause symptoms we feel, from the hot flashes and night sweats to the anxiety and mood swings…  

And as it turns out, this drop in estrogen levels also causes weight gain!

But it’s not just weight gain…

According to Harvard University, it also causes many women’s bodies to start collecting extra weight around the middle! This is why we see most weight gain around the belly and thighs!

Most common weight loss solution (diets, workouts, fancy gadgets) do NOT take the low estrogen levels during menopause into account.

And that’s why so many women tell us despite how hard they exercise, or how many calories they cut, they continue to gain weight no matter what they do.

So it’s clear, the only way to produce real, long-lasting results is to first supplement the body with the lost estrogen and solve the root cause of the menopausal weight gain.

Every VoomVaya Product Is Designed For
Women In Any Stage Of Menopause

By Using Organic, Nature-Powered Ingredients To Supplement The Loss In Estrogen, We Address A Major Cause Of Menopausal Weight Gain And Re-Balance The Body To Finally Achieve Longer Lasting, Real Results

All VoomVaya teas are a delicious blend of organic, natural herbs that are blended, packaged and shipped to customers from right here in the USA.

And our best-selling tea, MenoSlim tea is specifically designed to help any menopausal woman kickstart her weight loss journey and begin restoring her gorgeous “before menopause” body.

MenoSlim contains 2 groups of ingredients:

  • The "Estrogen Support” herbs that supplement our estrogen levels thereby addressing the root cause of menopausal weight gain
  • The “Fat Burning” herbs that kickstarts the metabolism and starts burning more body fat

When combined, these 2 groups of ingredients has helped women all over America:

  • Help detox and flush toxins out of the body, so women feel fresher, lighter and more energized.
  • Help accelerate natural fat burning to help reshape the body, including the belly and thighs
  • Help reduce bloating, resulting in a flatter tummy so women can look and feel great, sometimes in a matter of days!
  • Relieve the impact of hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings by helping to restore hormonal balance

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About Tara Hooper

Tara is Mrs Texas USA Ambassador 2022, image consultant to some of the biggest brands in the world (hint: Louis Vuitton 😲!) and YOUR Confidence Coach at VoomVaya!

At 50 years of age, Tara is living her best life and defying all expectations of what a menopausal woman can or can’t do.

Like all of us, Tara suffers from the hot flashes, the weight gain around the midsection, and all the other symptoms of menopause but instead of being defeated by them, Tara has pushed back and taken control of body and her life!

In fact, she feels more beautiful, more confident and more sure of herself now than in her 20s or 30s… Proving once and for all that menopause is not the end, but simply the start of your next chapter.

As VoomVaya’s Confidence Coach, Tara is on a mission to empower middle-aged women around the world to look and feel beautiful, and get back their self confidence.

She has developed tools and tips that transformed her own self image, self worth and self confidence - and she’s here to share everything with you.

Click here to watch more of Tara’s tips for menopausal women

About VoomVaya

For a condition that strikes half the world’s population and affects every single woman in her life, it’s both shocking and unacceptable how little is done for menopause.

Why is puberty, pregnancy, childbirth - literally every other major milestone in a woman’s life - celebrated, with plenty of information and support networks…

Yet menopause remains taboo?

For too long, we menopausal women have been underserved, dismissed and made to feel ashamed of a natural transition in our body…

This has to change!

And this is why VoomVaya was born.

By offering a range of nature-powered teas and supplements designed specifically for menopausal women, VoomVaya aims to give women an effective, natural alternative.

Every VoomVaya product contains clinically studied ingredients to help restore hormonal harmony and supplement the body’s own healing, instead of overwhelming it with chemicals and drugs, riddled with side effects.

And as you reclaim your sanity and start feeling like yourself again, remember: menopause is not the end, but simply the start of your next chapter!

KickStart The Menopause Weight Loss Journey Today With MenoSlim


Total Value: $58.95


$20.00 VALUE

60-Day Money Back Guarantee


Total Value: $135.00


$20.00 VALUE

$10.95 Shipping

  Free US Shipping!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee