Feeling Forgetful? Menopause vs. Alzheimers: Knowing The Difference

As you walk in a room, have you ever asked yourself, “What did I come here for?”

Do you constantly find yourself writing things down all the time to keep from forgetting them? Have you gone to the grocery store, only to buy hot dogs but no buns? Do you approach every white SUV in the parking lot thinking that it’s yours?

Constantly forgetting things can be super annoying and downright frustrating sometimes. Don't worry though, you’re the only one aboard this crazy ship of forgetfulness!

While many women dealing with menopause symptoms start to believe that they have an early onset of Alzheimer's or dementia, the truth is far less scary – all of those unwanted hormonal changes during this period of your life can truly affect your memory, making you much more forgetful than usual.

So, how can you distinguish between menopausal brain fog and Alzheimer’s? Luckily, knowledge is power! So, let’s explore what’s really going on in that hormone deficient body of yours!

The Link Between Estrogen and Brain Fog

Before you panic and race to the doctor's office, ready to declare yourself an Alzheimer's patient, stop and breathe for just a second.

Estrogen, one of the reproductive hormones that declines most during perimenopause and menopause, can cause brain fog. That’s right! It’s a real thing!

This fogginess leads to forgetting little things, like where you parked your car or what items should be on your grocery list (or sometimes your entire list altogether).

Plus, brain fog can make it tough to concentrate on the task at hand, leading you to read the same page more than once (because you didn't digest any of it the first few times you read it) or not using the right ingredients when cooking a meal that you've been making for years.

What’s that secret ingredient again? But luckily, it’s all perfectly normal!

Symptoms of Normal Forgetfulness

While none of us are excited to be a “Forgetful Franny,” thankfully, there are a number of symptoms of normal menopause-induced forgetfulness that can put your mind at ease. It's perfectly normal to:

  • Make a simple financial mistake, like forgetting to subtract a transaction from your balance
  • Forget which word you want to use while writing or speaking to someone
  • Get upset when someone interrupts your usual routine
  • Forget where you place things (like your glasses or car keys) in your own home
  • Have to write down when your favorite TV show or podcast is on so that you remember to watch or listen to it
  • Feel tired and frustrated of having to balance it all

If you're familiar with any (or all) of these things, then the good news is that you don't need to worry – you have standard menopausal-induced memory loss. It's completely normal to do these things on occasion, just as it's okay to feel annoyed about them.

Tired of feeling forgetful? While we said forgetfulness is normal during menopause, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it!

To combat forgetfulness, as well as other related symptoms, you can sip your way to bliss with an all-natural solution like Menopause Support Tea that helps improve memory and reduce other pesky menopausal symptoms.

Alzheimer's Symptoms

On the other hand, it’s important to know that the onset of Alzheimer's can be linked to menopause.

The brain undergoes some metabolic changes during this period of your life that can be indicative of a later Alzheimer's diagnosis. Your memory loss can go from "normal" to "scary" if:

  • You get confused about the general time and place, as in you don't realize where you are
  • You call things by the wrong name, such as "fork" instead of "spoon"
  • Your memory loss is bad enough to seriously impact your daily life
  • You put things in weird places, like stashing fruit under the kitchen sink
  • Your personality and mood go through drastic changes

If you have any of these more serious forgetful symptoms, then it's crucial to see a doctor in order to get a proper diagnosis.

While it can be easy to believe your inner “Forgetful Franny” is a more serious issue, in most cases, she’s just a response to the menopausal brain fog that’s looming over your head.

So, don’t panic. Simply grab a notepad, pen, and refreshing cup of Menopause Support Tea, and hang on for the ride!