Need to Boost Your Sex Drive? 5 Foods to Pick Up on Your Next Grocery Run (Hint: We’re Not Talking About Oysters)

Ladies over 50 – are you less interested in sex these days? It happens to us all - our husbands (whether or not they need a little pharmaceutical hand) haven’t slowed down in the bedroom, but we may have. But you’re not alone on this one!

Thanks to menopause, your sex drive may not be
what it used to be, but that’s completely normal. Rather than cornering your spouse in the bedroom every other day or so, you’re lucky if you’re in the mood once a week. Sound familiar?

Well, we have a solution! Ready to hear it?

The key to your newfound friskiness lies in the foods you choose. Yes, you read that right. There are a number of delicious foods that can help you up the ante in the bedroom, no matter how bad your menopause symptoms are. And guess what? For all our non-seafood fans, oysters are nowhere on that list!



Menopause Symptoms That Make Sex Difficult

It’s official – menopause and a pure lack of interest in sex go hand in hand. Your hormone levels, the same ones that made you want to reproduce like crazy back in your youthful days of bliss, taper off, making you far less likely to want to do the wild thing with your spouse.

You’ll more than likely gain a few pounds and feel slightly depressed, both of which affect your willingness to enjoy a little erotica in the bedroom. Plus – and this is the worst part – your vagina will feel dryer and tighter than it did back in the day, which can make sex uncomfortable or even painful. Now that certainly doesn’t put you in the mood for some afternoon delight, does it?

Foods That Make You Want Sex

But all that aside, are you ready to find out what foods will magically help you get your mojo back? While menopause support teas help relieve some of your symptoms, there are many other foods that can help be your wingman and prepare you for a night of fun between the sheets.

So, let’s take a look at 5 “sex, here we come” foods that serve as essentials for those of us who are wading through the uncharted waters of menopause and need a little help “getting in the mood”:


I mean, really, who doesn’t like chocolate? Bring some liquid (but not scalding) chocolate into the bedroom and have a little fun. The antioxidants in dark chocolate will enhance your libido, and you’ll get to indulge in one of your favorite sweet treats.


Oh, the humble avocado! It’s tasty on sandwiches and toast, can be made into delicious guacamole, or can be simply sliced and eaten plain. And not only is it good for you sporting its “oh-so-healthy” fats, but it also contains plenty of potassium, which gives you a little extra energy and ramps up your libido. Want to spice it up even more? Have your partner spoon feed it to you – this is really set the mood!


Flax Seeds

Really, flax seeds? That’s right! Simply add some flax seeds to your salad before you decide to “get busy” with your significant other for some added delight. The L-arginine (an amino acid) provides you with increased blood flow which makes sex much more pleasurable. Omega-3 fatty acids, another component of flax seeds, also help boost your libido. It’s double the pleasure and double the fun!


This one may not come as a surprise! Why? Because you probably associate pomegranates with the Ancient Greeks – and we all know what they were up to a lot (wink wink). In addition to connotation, pomegranate seeds contain plenty of micro-nutrients that help you up the ante in the bedroom. Plus, all of that vitamin C helps increase your stamina, so it’s a total win-win!

Pumpkin Seeds

Repeat after us – magnesium, zinc, and iron. These three minerals, all found in pumpkin seeds, can help get take you from “no thank you” to “yes please” in a hurry! Magnesium helps you relax, which is essential when you’re dealing with some of the more common menopause symptoms that may hinder you in the bedroom. Zinc helps your immune system, and iron provides you with that little extra boost of energy. Combined, you’ll be a sexy seductress.