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4 Tips To Instantly Look Taller & Skinnier In Any Photo

“Why do I always look 10 pounds heavier in a photo?”

“I hate photos! They always make me look fat!”

We hear you ladies!

And don’t you worry, we got you!

In today’s blog, Tara Hooper, your Personal Style and Confidence Coach at VoomVaya, will be helping with exactly this!

As a menopausal woman herself, Tara’s going to share 4 tips you can use today to instantly look taller and skinnier in any photo!

These exact tips are what Tara continues to use to this day, as one of the world's most sought after style consultants…

And now, as the newly crowned Mrs Texas USA Ambassador 2022!

And once you learn Tara’s secret, you too can find yourself standing there front-and-center in every group photo

Laughing, gorgeous and confident in your own skin!

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