What I Do to Help Maintain Youth, Weight & Energy

Can a healthy diet help make you feel younger?

Hi ladies! Tara Hooper here, your Personal Style and Confidence Coach here at VoomVaya.

In this video, I’m going to share with you some nutritional tips and things that I do that have helped me lose and maintain my weight. I’m also going to share some tips on how I keep myself energized throughout the day as well as some tips to keep that youthful glow.

About Tara Hooper

Tara is your Personal Stylist and Confidence Coach at VoomVaya. She grew up feeling like the ‘ugly duckling’ with her mustache and unibrow, and teased with names like “bubble butt” and “thunder thighs”.

By following her passions in hair, makeup artistry and style, she was able to overcome deep insecurities and develop a positive self image, eventually wearing crowns as Mrs Alabama US, Mrs. USA Petite, and now proudly Mrs Texas USA Ambassador 2022.

At age 50, she understands what it’s like to suffer from hot flashes, weight gain around the midsection, and other symptoms of menopause - so she’s on a mission to empower middle aged women to look and feel beautiful, and get back their self confidence.

Tara has developed the tools that transformed her own self image, self worth and self confidence - and she’s here to share them with you.

Aside from her role as Confidence Coach at VoomVaya, Tara offers style and image consulting services at The Style Signature.