Containing “Nature’s Ozempic” For Perimenopausal & Menopausal Women

To Reduce Cravings, Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels, and Lose Weight

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New & Improved Formula So You Can Enjoy Faster Results:

  • Promotes the breakdown of stored fat, including the belly and thighs1
  • Slashes hunger and fat cravings to help reduce overall body weight2
  • Helps control the blood sugar spike after a meal, so your body burns fat instead of sugar for energy3
  • Supports the metabolism and promotes hormonal balance
  • Simple twice a day dosage - no messy or painful injections needed!4
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Less Bloating And Felt Lighter After Just A Few Days


I noticed less bloating and felt lighter after the first few days...

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I Feel I Have More Energy and Bloating Is Reduced Considerably

Teresa M

I feel I have more energy. I just feel generally better without being jittery...

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My Cravings & Bloating Have Decreased


I noticed an improvement with my hot flashes within a couple of weeks...

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Less Bloating And Felt Lighter After Just A Few Days

"I noticed less bloating and felt lighter after the first few days I would recommend it for anymore looking to improve their gut and digestive health!"*

I Feel I Have More Energy and Bloating Is Reduced Considerably

I feel I have more energy. I just feel generally better without being jittery. Bloating is reduced considerably, so I'm already very happy with this product."*

My Cravings & Bloating Have Decreased

I noticed an improvement with my hot flashes within a couple of weeks. They were more manageable and not as intense. Another unexpected result was my cravings and bloating have decreased. I am truly impressed with this product, I highly recommend it!

* Every body type is different so results experienced may vary and cannot be guaranteed. While Sonya, Teresa, and Edith’s results are exceptional and not typical, women who use weight loss supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise generally can lose up to 1 pound each week. These women were compensated with free tea in exchange for their honest review.

Best Of All…
MenoSlim Comes In A Range Of Delicious Fruity Flavors!

So How Does “Nature’s Ozempic” Work?

Berberine aka “Nature’s Ozempic”

It all starts with berberine, a natural extract from the barberry herb.

From the stem and root bark of barberry, comes a natural extract: berberine.

 Like Ozempic, berberine increases the body’s insulin sensitivity to reduce blood sugar levels.5

When our body needs energy, it first consumes sugar and then fat6… In that exact order.

So when berberine is reducing the amount of available sugar in our blood…

It forces the body to instead break down fat and start using that as energy.

And day by day, chip away from the inside at all that fat stored in our body, including the belly and thighs.

On top of this, berberine is a powerful natural appetite suppressant, reducing both sugar and fat cravings!7

And To Make It Even More Effective For Women Going Through Menopause…

We took things a step further and improved the formula of the previous ReSculpt…

Adding in 3 new critical ingredients to the formulation…

Shilajit Extract

Shilajit Extract is an organic resin formed in the pristine Himalayan Mountains!8

Shilajit is an important addition for menopausal women as it helps regulate the production and release of hormones, promoting optimal hormonal balance.9

In addition, Shilajit also helps to mineralize and detox your body, further enhancing your weight loss potential.10


Chromium, another naturally occurring mineral found in meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts, adds a powerful dual effect.

Firstly, Chromium is an effective appetite suppressant, decreasing hunger levels and fat craving to reduce food intake.11

Secondly, it helps improve the body’s response to insulin.12 Since berberine already makes you more sensitive to insulin, when combined with Chromium, it gives you a HUGE synergistic boost!

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-Lipoic Acid has two primary actions to help with weight loss: it increases glucose metabolism and increases insulin sensitivity.13

Excess glucose (aka sugar) gets stored as fat in our body, so by increasing glucose metabolism, Alpha-Lipoic Acid helps to reduce the formation of fat.

And by increasing insulin sensitivity, it amplifies the effects of berberine, helping to produce even faster and better results!

With Results Like This, No Wonder Women
Call It “Nature’s Ozempic”

Noticed A Change In My Appetite Withing The First Few Days!

"I noticed a change in my appetite within the first few days! I wasn't hungry and avoided grazing while making meals. This has also eased my sluggishness. Love that it's all natural too!*"

- Kristy*

Less Bloating and Less Appetite

"My Experience in the first couple of days was less bloating, and I have less of an appetite."

- Deb P.*

My Appetite Significantly Decreased

"Not only was my appetite significantly decreased I felt better overall sort of like my metabolism was more even and my body utilized what I ate more efficiently."

- Andrea.*

This Is A Game Changer!

"I lost at least a pound, I think I was fluid initially.

Everything is fitting loser. A pound is a pound and I''ll take it*"

- Kristi D.*

Sugar Cravings Gone!

"I have no sugar cravings and my appetite is right down. I could not recommend this enough to any who really struggles with food and weight loss.*"

- Gloria*

It Works... Truly Amazed!

"I noticed that I have been eating less and less and I drink water LOTS of water to keep me full. I AM AMAZED how this is really helping me. For me, it has been nothing short of a miracle."

- Francine.*

Curbs My Appetite Drastically

"For me it curbs my appetite drastically and stops impulse buying junk food. It also helps with blood sugar, unlike with dieting alone I don’t get “hangry” which is amazing."

- Lisa.*

Reduced My Bloating And Decreased My Cravings

"I’ve only been using resculpt for a few days but I’ve already notice positive change. I’ve noticed a decrease in my cravings for sugar and sweets, and I’ve also seen a reduction in bloat around my tummy! I’m impressed! I would highly recommend Resculpt to anyone looking for a product that can deliver results… especially to people over 40!."

- Keisha*

Bloat Was Gone And Was Feeling Less Fatigue

"Within a few days, I noticed the bloat was gone and was feeling less fatigue.

It helped with appetite suppression and gave me an overall lighter feeling"

- Sara L.*

I Lost 7 Pounds... I Feel So Amazing!

"I am not only 7 lbs down, I feel so amazing. More energy, better sleep and no sugar cravings at all. It has been great. "

- Marcia.*

All It Takes Is One ReSculpt Capsule Twice A Day

If You Don’t Lose Any Weight In The Next 60 Days…
We’ll Refund You EVERY PENNY!

That’s how confident we are in ReSculpt!  

So here’s the deal:  

We’re giving you a FULL 60 days to TRY ReSculpt and experience the results for yourself…  

That’s TWO WHOLE months.  

And if by the end of these 60 days you haven’t lost ANY weight…  

Just email us at and we'll issue you a COMPLETE refund!

  Making ReSculpt a complete, risk-free, no-brainer!  

So the way we see it…  

Worse case scenario, ReSculpt doesn’t work for you and you get 100% of your money back…  

Best case scenario, ReSculpt works for you and you now have in your hands, an effective, natural, injection-free “Nature’s Ozempic”!  

The choice is clear.  

So despite our very limited run of ReSculpt…


What’s the difference between the old and new ReSculpt formula?

The new ReSculpt formula is the result of months of researching and preparation from our team of chemists together with Dr. Poulin.

By replacing Banaba Leaf with Shilajit Extract and Bitter Melon with Chromium (more potent and scientifically studied ingredients) we were able to make room for an extra ingredient: Alpha-Lipoic Acid.

And Alpha-Lipoic Acid, which improves insulin sensitivity, amplifies the effects of berberine, helping to produce even faster and better results!

What is ReSculpt? 

ReSculpt is a berberine supplement designed specifically for YOU, the menopausal woman.

By using the best quality berberine, and enhancing its effectiveness by adding 3 synergistic ingredients: Shilajit Extract, Chromium and Alpha-Lipoic Acid, ReSculpt helps you maintain healthy blood sugar levels, reduce cravings and lose weight.

What are the benefits of ReSculpt?

  • Promotes the breakdown of stored fat, including the belly and thighs
  • Gives your body a huge body-sculpting edge…
  • Slashes hunger cravings so you never overeat or reach for a guilty snack ever again…
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels…
  • Supports the metabolism and provides hormonal balance Simple twice a day dosage - no messy or painful injections needed!
  • Made from natural barberry herb, bitter melon fruit and banaba leaf Made in the USA

How do I use ReSculpt?

Simply take 1 capsule, twice a day with lunch and dinner.

How long will it take before I see some benefits? 

Every woman is different so results can vary, but generally speaking benefits can be seen after the first 7 days, as you notice a drastic decrease in sugar cravings, hunger and bloating.

Visible weight loss benefits start by the end of the first month with the best results by the third month.

What are the potential side effects?

The most common side effects for ReSculpt are digestive related. Such as an upset stomach, constipation and diarrhea.

Some women who are more sensitive to its effects can also experience nausea, headache and vomiting.

If you experience any side effects, we recommend you speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

Can I take this if I’m on other medication? 

As ReSculpt works by balancing blood sugar levels, it can interact with other prescription medications designed to lower blood sugar.

It can also interact with medication for high blood pressure.

If you are currently taking other medication, or have any complicated medical conditions, we recommend you speak to your doctor before starting.

Can I use ReSculpt long term?

Generally speaking, the best weight loss results are achieved around the 3 month mark.

So we recommend taking ReSculpt for up to 6 consecutive months then taking a break for 1-2 months to reassess the results.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, of course! Like with everything you purchase on VoomVaya, you are always protected by a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If ReSculpt does not help you as promised, simply send an email to and we’ll issue a complete refund.

Do you ship worldwide?

At this stage, we only ship to the USA and Canada.


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