This 7-Day Cleanse Will Reset Your Liver and Speed Weight Loss

Alright, we’ve all read about those trendy, weird diets (and maybe even tried a few)! And you know that cleanses aren’t always the healthiest things out there, right? But why is that?

So, the problem with most cleanses or detoxes (as they like to call them) is the fact that they are extremely limited and sometimes, just downright strange.


Let’s be honest - who wants to drink nothing but lemon juice with a dash of cayenne pepper in it for weeks on end? We don’t, and we’re guessing you’re in the same boat!

So, what’s the difference between those oddly specific but “oh-so-hip” cleanses and this one? We’re glad you asked because we’re excited to share!

First, this cleanse is specifically designed for women who are going through menopause – YES, YOU! So, it will help balance out your hormones and leave you feeling like a “brand new you!”

Secondly, it’s not a “complete cleanse” because you actually get to eat food! Now, after hearing that, we know you’re excited!

But before you leap right into what this cleanse consists of, take a moment to think about your goals. It’s important to treat your menopausal symptoms accurately and lose a bit of weight by resetting your liver and speeding up weight loss with this 7-day cleanse.

So, let’s take a sneak peek at what’s in store, shall we? Do this for 7 days straight and see the difference:

Rise and Shine, It’s Morning Time!

Since this cleanse doesn’t force you to forego eating (Hallelujah!) – it’s not like those crazy juice cleanses that leave you feeling like you’re hungry enough to eat your own arm and send you sprinting to the bathroom 80 times a day – it actually starts with a tasty breakfast.

The trick is that you can’t eat just anything for breakfast. The focus is on clean, natural foods that are good for your body, especially your liver.

For breakfast, consider a meal that consists of:

  • Four ounces of eggs (for protein)
  • Half a cup of whole grains (a slice of bread or some quinoa)
  • One cup of plain yogurt

Smoothies are another great option, especially if can incorporate your protein, grains, and dairy all in one.

Yay! It’s Lunchtime!

As we said, there’s no starving or juice mania on this cleanse, so you get to actually enjoy (and chew) your lunch. Lunch options are similar to your breakfast choices, like:

  • Four ounces of chicken or beans
  • Half a cup of whole grains (or the baked bread equivalent of them)
  • One cup of cheese
  • Half of an avocado

What’s for Dinner?

Now, here’s where so many women fall off course. At dinner, it’s essential to go a little lighter with your food choices.

Why? Well, according to the experts, if you eat a smaller meal at dinner, your liver will need to produce far less digestive enzymes. So, what will your liver do with all its spare time?

Well, lucky for you, it can now focus on burning off some of your stores of belly fat while you sleep. (And who doesn’t want to lose weight while sleeping?) Yes, please!

Dinner suggestions include:

  • A two-ounce portion of fish or chicken
  • A small salad with vinaigrette


On-the-Go Alternative Options

You’re a busy, on-the-go woman, and we completely understand! So, rather than go through all of the trouble of weighing and measuring your food, as well as limiting yourself to a fairly strict diet, you can also choose an easier route:

MenoSlim Tea and TeaTox Booster!

This cleanse is designed to flush toxins from your system and keep you on the golden path of weight loss. It’s much simpler than making special meals – it’s menopausal hormonal balance and weight loss in a cup!

Simply brew a fresh cup a day for maximum results.

Cleanse. Reset. Refresh. You’ll be a new, slimmer you in no time - and don’t look, but your liver will be doing its happy dance!