How to Deal with Your Annoying Menopause Sugar Cravings

Ok ladies, remember those “oh-so-sweet” sugar cravings that came along with PMS? Now, picture the same cravings, only more insistent, and instead of lasting a mere week or two, they never go away.

Yes, unfortunately, that's one of the many blissful side effects of menopause, and it can have a direct impact on your “work-in-progress” waistline.

Whether you prefer Sour Patch Kids, chocolate brownies, sugar cookies, or ice cream sundaes with all the toppings, your crazy hormones insist that you fulfill their every sugary desire – despite all of your weight loss attempts. So, how do you deal with this vicious cycle?

Well, aside from giving in and scarfing down that four-pack of pudding cups, we have a few “tried and true” solutions you might want to give a whirl to kick those insatiable menopausal cravings to the curb!

Nightie Night - Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep…really? It may sound weird that sleep is actually a creative way of avoiding sugar, but in this case, it really is.

You see, when you don't get enough sleep (and we all know that menopause and insomnia go hand in hand), you reach for quick sugary fixes in order to muster up enough energy to make it through the day. This is where sugar and carbohydrates come into play.

What about those granola bars you’ve been shoving in your purse? Full of added sugar! And your mid-day cookie fest? Plenty of sugar that gives you a boost, temporarily at least.

However, if you manage to sneak in enough sleep at night, you won't need those sugary pick-me-ups that only add to your menopausal muffin-top! Plus, you can’t eat while you’re catching some ZZZZ’s!

Hello Chef - Make Treats with Natural Sugars

If giving up on your sugar cravings seems like “mission impossible” (and if you're one of those women with a never-ending sweet tooth, then you know how tough it is), then hop to the kitchen and start baking your own sweet treats. Baking brownies, cupcakes, cookies, and more allows you to control which ingredients you use.

So, simply reach for natural sweeteners, like agave, honey, or maple syrup that will enhance the taste of your homemade cake but lend a hand to fewer calories than refined white sugar. After all, if you can't give it up, you might as well give in – but in a healthier, “on your own terms” way!

STOP - Find a Way to Curb Your Cravings

Did you know that there are a few all-natural, herbal remedies that can curb your sugar cravings? Herbs like cinnamon, sage, oregano, and garlic are well known party pleasers that can help!

Plus, these little magicians can also help lower your blood sugar, thanks to their phenols, an antioxidant that reduces inflammation and helps heal damaged tissue.

But if you don't feel like heading out back and eating the leaves off of your sage plant, choose a vitamin supplement or all-natural formula, like Sugar Detox Spray that helps chase those pesky, unwanted sugar cravings away. Cravings be gone!

Bzzzzzzz – Play “Busy Bee” to Avoid Indulging in Sugary Treats

Bees never stop buzzing, and neither should you! Sometimes, you simply need to train your brain to avoid sugar cravings by staying busy. How does this work?

You just have to be intentional, so every time that you want a cupcake or bowl of ice cream, do something else. Instead of giving in and reaching that hand into the freezer, choose to clean out the pantry and throw away old expired cans.

Rather than sneaking off with a handful of cookies, take out the trash or go for a walk.

Occupying your mind with other tasks prevents you from indulging in sugary treats. Over time, buzzing like a bee will become an ingrained habit, and your sugar-filled daydreams will be fleeting – plus your house will be cleaner and you’ll be more fit! So, it’s a total win-win!

While menopause isn’t optional, giving in to its sugar-filled cravings is totally in your control. So, be creative, stay active, and show menopause who’s boss!