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6 Ways to Combat Menopausal Weight Gain

Menopausal weight gain tends to sneak up on the best of us. One day, you seem like you’re at the same weight as usual, and the next, you feel like you’ve gained ten pounds around your belly and thighs. You’re left wondering, “how did this happen?”

Well, this unwanted weight is usually due to hormone fluctuations (namely estrogen) that cause your metabolism to slow down, which is obviously not good news.

Even though the weight gain isn’t actually as fast as described above, it definitely creeps up on you until one day you discover that your pants don’t quite fit, and you just feel “blah” when you look in the mirror.

Looking for a solution to this dreaded problem? Luckily, we have six surefire ways to kick menopausal weight gain to the curb. And we’re happy to share!

1) Exercise More Often and Vary Your Workouts

Remember the good old days? Back in your 20s and 30s, you probably only had to work out once or twice a week in order to lose or maintain your current weight. That isn’t true anymore.

Thanks to menopause and slowed down metabolism, you need to work out more often. You may have to raise your number of workouts to three or four a week, as well as vary them in order to keep the weight off.

2) Cut Back on Sugary Foods

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Sugary foods may taste good, as well as help you get through the day on little sleep, thanks to those hot flashes and messed up sleep-wake cycles; however, they do more harm than good. Sugary treats actually help you gain weight, because they contain empty carbohydrates.

These empty carbs just make you hungrier, so you end up eating more cookies, brownies, and cake than you originally intended. In the end, you gain weight where you want it the least, right around your middle. So, just say no to sugar!

3) Do Your Best to Stand Instead of Sit

Up, up, up! Sitting can lead to weight gain, especially if you spend most of the day in a chair. You burn more calories while standing than sitting, so do your best to stand instead of sit whenever possible. Not only will this help prevent your menopausal weight gain, but it’s good for your heart health as well.

4) Lower Your Stress Levels

Stress and belly fat (one of the two main places menopause stacks those additional fat cells – the other is your thighs) go hand in hand. If you want to avoid that weight gain, do everything that you can in order to avoid getting stressed out.

This is where self-care, taking time out for yourself, and properly caring for your mental health all come in. So, find your inner Zen, and hold onto it!

5) Stop Eating Mindlessly

Let’s be honest - everyone ends up eating mindlessly at times. You sit down in front of the TV with a bag of chips or popcorn (oh the popcorn!), and the next thing you know, you’ve eaten the whole bag.

This is known as mindless eating, and it encourages weight gain like no other, especially when your metabolism has slowed down.

The solution? Do whatever you can to avoid this type of eating, and focus on only eating when you’re hungry, as well as snacking on healthy foods if necessary.

6) Pour a Cup of Slimming Tea Designed for Menopausal Women

Did you know that on top of all of the methods suggested here, there’s a tea designed to help combat menopausal weight gain?

That’s right! MenoSlim Tea consists of all-natural ingredients that will help speed up your metabolism and help minimize your other menopause symptoms.

For example, licorice root helps reduce your hot flashes, while rooibos helps increase your metabolism and matcha (green tea) blocks your body from producing more fat cells.

All that you need is one savory cup a day, and you can send that pesky menopausal weight gain running for the hills…instead of your hips!