Ugh! You noticed it, that little pooch, the last time you wiggled into that pair of non-stretchy pants.

Whether they were your nicer dress pants or even a pair of jeans, what matters is that you realized how snug they now are. Your belly area, thanks to menopause, seemingly grew overnight.

What in the world?

Often referred to as a menobelly, but sometimes called menopudge or menopot, you’ve slowly lost control of your formerly skinny physique, and now, those unwanted pounds seem to be congregating right around your middle.

Thankfully, you’re definitely not the only one in this boat – and you can take care of that excess pudge with some super simple and handy stretches, as well as a little bit of increased activity.

Gaining Weight? Thanks Menopause!

Unfortunately, you can’t blame hormones for this one. (Although, maybe we can a little bit, in a way, since reduced hormone levels can lead to a lack of energy, as well as depression, which can both lead to a less active lifestyle and eating all of the sugary treats in sight.)

But be that as it may, as women age, our metabolism naturally slows down. We just move less. Both of which lead to weight gain in general, especially if you have a sweet tooth (And who doesn’t?).

Belly fat on the other hand? We can blame that part of the equation on hormones. While they aren’t solely responsible for your menobelly, they are the reason why your stomach and hips have gotten larger. Your falling hormone levels control where you gain that fat, and it ends up precisely where you don’t want it, right around your mid-section!

Simple Stretches to Get Rid of Your Menobelly

Want the good news? You have options! The first option is MenoSlim Tea, designed specifically for women in menopause to activate their fat burning metabolism.

However, you’ll also want to get up, move more, and stay active. Not ready to start running marathons? No worries - we aren’t either. But there are some stretches that will help flatten your tummy and work for women of all fitness levels.

Are you ready? Let’s stretch!

Seated Twists

These are amazing! Sit on the floor with your feet and legs straight out in front of you. Bend your right knee and place it over your left leg. Keeping your arms loose, turn your torso in that same direction.

You’ll feel your abdominal muscles stretching. Hold the pose for ten seconds before repeating on the other side of your body. Repeat up to five times. You can go a little deeper in the twist each time.

The Cat Cow

More than just a funny name, this stretch can help strengthen your abdominal muscles and help strengthen your back muscles.

Arrange yourself on a yoga mat or clean patch of floor, so you’re on your hands and knees. Your arms should be stretched so that your hands are flat on the floor.

Then, arch your back upwards while tucking your chin into your upper torso, like a cat.

Hold the position for 15 seconds, then extend your neck and head backwards while dropping your stomach down – the exact opposite of the previous movement, making you resemble a cow.

Hold this for 15 seconds as well, and then repeat four times. Slow and controlled and remember to breathe. This one feels amazing!

Cobra Poses

Ever wanted some yummy, toned arms of your own? This stretch will help with more than just your menobelly – it will give you some arm muscles worth showing off.

Start off by lying flat on your stomach on the floor. Your hands should be flat on the floor under your mid-torso, while your toes should be facing the floor. (It’s almost like a push up position!)

Leave your lower body on the mat or floor, while pushing upwards with your hands and bending at the waist. Your back will bend, and you’ll feel it in your abs and your arms.

Hold the position for 30 seconds before relaxing. Repeat this five times in a row.

It's really that simple. While menobelly is a real struggle for menopausal women everywhere, these stretches can be your lifesaving solution!

Simply take five minutes a day to implement these stretches and your belly, back, and arms will thank you!