Over 40 and Fabulous: The Best Diets for Women Determined to Conquer Perimenopause and Menopause

Let’s be honest - one of the absolute worst things about entering that “oh-so-beautiful” chapter of perimenopause, followed by menopause, is the weight gain. Yep, we said it!

It seems as though one day you’re a svelte 130 pounds, and the next, after eating nothing but healthy kale salads and a single snack, like a delicious scoop of ice cream, your weight has doubled. And losing that weight?

We get it - it isn’t as easy as when you were in your 20s, thanks to the blessing of hormonal imbalances. You can work out nonstop and dive into diets galore, and the weight still sticks.

Ready to see which diet may be the liquidator of those pesky, unwanted pounds you’ve been dying to shed? Let’s take a sneak peek at your options!

Keto Diet

You’ve surely heard about this diet. The Keto diet is extremely popular because it takes effect and produces results pretty quickly.

As you cut out carbohydrates and sugars and begin to follow a diet filled with healthy fats and plenty of veggies, your body goes into a state of ketosis that burns off those annoying fat stores in your belly region and other areas.

That’s the good news, you’ll lose the weight. Now, the “not-so-good” news is that it’s pretty much a lifestyle change, so you’ll need to keep following this restrictive diet in order to avoid packing those pounds back on. But it’s still a great option or starting point!

Mediterranean Diet

Let’s take a little journey!

If you want to lose weight and feel healthier (or just spend your days imagining that you’re on a Greek Isle instead of in your Midwest kitchen), the Mediterranean diet offers a sweet retreat.

The diet has a laser focus on healthy fats, like fish and poultry, as opposed to red meat, which isn’t plentiful in the region.

Plenty of vegetables, grains, eggs, and beans round out your meal options.

Even better, you can eat all of the pasta that you want, because it’s a staple in the area. And we love pasta, so who’s really going to argue with this amazing diet that has proven results?

Raw Food Diet

Love fruits and veggies?Then this is the diet for you!

It will give you plenty of energy and kick-start your weight loss journey like no other, two things that women going through menopause are desperately seeking.

On the downside, you’ll be eating a lot of foods that aren’t cooked, so you’ll have to get creative when preparing them.

One good thing to note is that meat is allowed, as long as it’s dried. So, again, if you’re up for a creative venture, this is a great option to kick those extra pounds to the curb!

Paleo Diet

Women with a major sweet tooth will either love or hate this option!

Why? Simply because this diet states that you can’t consume any foods with sugar in them, unless it’s natural sugar, like in fruits.

So, you’ll either love diving into the natural sugar of fruits, or you’ll hate that you can’t unwrap that Snickers bar (well, maybe just with your eyes).

The upside to this diet is that it’s extremely healthy, with a focus on whole foods, natural sugars, and grass-fed meat.

Weight Loss Teas

Although each of these diets has a proven track record of success, they all have one issue – they don’t do anything to address the hormonal imbalance that causes the weight gain during perimenopause and menopause in the first place.

But weight loss teas, like matcha, rooibos, cardamom, and dandelion leaf certainly do!

A great option to add to your daily regimen is MenoSlim Tea + TeaTox Booster, which directly focuses on rebalancing hormones and helping you feel your best. This tea not only supports weight loss but addresses the other menopause symptoms that come with it.

MenoSlim tea

MenoSlim tea